Ozone generator O3 - 10gr / h MakeUp Supply
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  • Ozone generator O3 - 10gr / h MakeUp Supply

Ozone generator O3 - 10gr / h

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Air Fog is a compact and handy electric dispenser for the application of concentrated or ready-to-use liquids in domestic, civil and industrial environments

It can be used for pest control, disinfection and perfume treatments



Ministry of Health, protocol no. 24482 of 31.07.1996: the ozone sanitation system recognized as a natural safeguard for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores and parasites.

How is sanitization with ozone performed?

The process goes through several stages:

1. Oxygen enters the machine

2. Ambient oxygen is converted into ozone and delivered

3. Eliminates bacteria and viruses thanks to its oxidizing properties

4. Cleans the room air which becomes healthy and odorless

What are the advantages of sanitizing with ozone?

It is fast and very effective

It is an absolutely ecological and natural treatment, it uses only the oxygen present in the environment in the ozone formation process.

Since the use of additives or chemical detergents is not necessary, it does not release pollutants.

Ozone is a gas that completely saturates the environment without neglecting any point in the room concerned, as can unintentionally occur with manual sanitization.

Duration of treatment with Ozon O3 10gr / h:

10 minutes: 45 cubic meters

30 minutes: 180 cubic meters

60 minutes: 360 cubic meters


Ozone production: 10 gr / h

Power supply: 220V 50 Hz

Power: W 85

Fan: m3 / h 115

Noise: (3 MT) 52 dB (A)

Dimensions: mm 160x265x270H

Weight: Kg. 2,5

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